Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PYHO - Heartfelt Tears

There was an unexpected turn to our Sunday Morning breakfast chat this past weekend.  As Hubby, oldest son, middle man, little man, and I sat finishing our yummy breakfast, The title on the front page of a local paper that sat on the side counter caught my eye.  "15-year-old Jamie Hubley's lonely cry for acceptance"  I knew right away that it was an article about the recent suicide of a local teen, and although I did not know him or his family personaly, my heart aches to think of the pain this teen and his family experienced.  I went over, grabbed the paper, and began to read the article out loud to my family.  According to the papers, Jamie Hubley was a kind hearted, talented and beautiful (inside and out) young man.  He was taunted for being the only openly gay boy in his school, and even when he tried to help others to feel accepted, the bullies continue to torment him. 

Hubby and I had a heart to heart with our boys about the importance of being nice and kind to EVERYONE we meet.  We also wanted them to understand just how important it is to talk about your feelings, and to let us know about how things go at school, at play groups, and social activites. 

After finishing the article and our little chat I couldn't help but shed a tear. I turned to my boys. I looked at them and how innocent and beautiful they are, and thought how I never wanted that to change.  They are going to face bullies, mean people, and those who won't accept them, we all do.  I fear for the children of today's cyber connected lives though.  How do they escape the taunting?  Bullies are in the schools, in the parks, on their Facebook pages, in their chat groups, everywhere!  Children that are bullies are labled "special needs" and given a "hall pass" to treat others badly because of their "anger issues".  How do you protect your children from being another "Jamie"? 
When I was in school, I was picked on a lot,  Bullied for being the "poor kid, with the four eyes" and beaten up but I could go home, escape to my room, my friends that didn't go to the school I was bullied at, my Parents arms.  I had a safe place, where none of those bullies could reach me, and I could be me.  Will my boys have that?  They can escape into Hubby and my arms, but once they are older will the bullies find them on their social medias?  Get to them even when they are at home? 

I never want my boys to feel the stings of bullies.  We never want to see our children hurt.  I pray everyday that my boys will be strong loving little men, that they will respect everyone, no matter who or what they are,and that they will be proud of themsleves, no matter what path they choose to fallow.

My heart aches for families like Jamie's, and I think if more people realized just how hurtful their words and actions can be, we wouldn't have anymore Jamies!

This has been a PHYO contribution to Shell's Things I Can't Say Blog

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