Saturday, October 22, 2011

Said it and DID IT!

I ran my first 10 km race this weekend. My personal best, 56.43 mins.

6 months ago when I started running 3 km felt like torture. I would huff and puff, and struggle to get to my pre set goal.

Then I signd up for a 10 km race, and a running coarse at The Running Room with a "friend I knew from the park".

Each week we ran together, we chatted, we pushed each other, we added some distance.

Before I knew it the 5 km felt easy, I could run that without barely breaking a sweat.

By this time, we were running partners. We were able to keep each other in check, she knew when to encourage me, and I like to think I did the same for her.

Speed training, LSD, hills, steady long runs.

We ran our first 16 km together, and I realized some things; this women is amazing she is such a great friend and I LOVE TO RUN!

A week before our race we ran an evening 10 km, we did it in 1 hour 41 seconds, after being charged by a deer. We laughed histerically, and set our goal.

10 km in under an hour!

Race day we chatted and giggled like little kids at christmas.

A supportive best kind of friend and her husband made a 5 hour trek to come watch me race. It was emotional to have her there.

As we started to run I had a lump in my throut. I look at my best kind of friend snapping pics, I look at a new found friend her grin from ear to ear, I looked around at WHERE I WAS!

I shed a tear, I felt overwhelmed, I was so proud of us!

We ran the race with every thing we had, and waved and smiled at everyone we passed.

After swallowing a big air bubble at the water station, I got a cramp, a rib spasm, a "I can't f'n breath!".

My running partner encouraged me, she let me slow us down a bit, she reminded me we already did 8 km!

At one point I said I was done, and told her to run ahead! She grabbed my shirt and said to me "We are crossing that finish together! No way am I leaving you behind!". She didn't she could have ran ahead and made it in 50 mins! But she didn't, she supported me!

And that is when I knew........


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