Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or treat
Can't see my feet,
Cause of all the junk I'll eat!
The rolls get big,
They won't stay small,
After Mommy eats it all!

Well the plan is to stay away from the candy, the chocolate really. I love Chocolate, but I made a deal with myself, and I plan on keeping it!

You see, this year I did my Christmas shopping on Kijiji. I found this great deal for a Wii station plus the Wii fit plus, And it came with 4 old school Mario Brothers games. I decided that if I could stick with doing the Wii fit at home 2 to 3 times a week, PLUS keep my run training going 3 days a week I would upgrade the Wii fit plus to one of those personal trainer Wii games, or the Zumba fitness. I just want to stay active over the winter, and make sure that I am swimsuit ready next summer (yes I am thinking that far ahead). So this is the proposed schedule;

Monday - 10 km Running Room group training for Resolution Run.
Tuesday - 30 min Wii fitness
Wednesday - Running Group
Thursday - 30 min Wii fitness
Friday - Morning walk with the Dog & if time allows a quick 3 km evening run
Saturday - rest day
Sunday - LSD or 10 km around home.

So that is my plan, and it starts today, Tuesday November 1st with a Wii fit session in the afternoon! I am going to do this, cause if I don't, I will be right back where I started this journey from!
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