Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Post about New Years.....

January 2, 2012!  My first entry of the new year.  How many new years posts have you read all over Facebook, and blogger, and pretty much everywhere you look.  I have read a couple great posts, and heard some excellent ideas that I wanted to share with you. 
I haven't written a real blog entry, gone for a run, or posted a new recipe since before my final visit with Grandma on December 4th.  I gave up on 2011 as I made the lonely 5 hour drive home from Toronto.  It was a year I was so glad to be rid of, and couldn't help but shed tears as looked back over the year on December 31, 2011.  With this came a realization that in 2012 I would have to make a conscience effort to put last year behind me and allow this to really be a new year. 

I read a new years post over at Happy Herbie  that helped me get some perspective.  This year is not about making GRAND RESOLUTIONS, or even ridiculous ones that I know I will never keep, but simple steps that will help me and my family live a happy life.  There isn't the time in my life to commit to big resolutions,  so I am keeping things simple this year.  I resolve to make Sunday family days special, to run more, to blog more, and to create more recipes for my Family.  Simple!

When I was listening to the radio over Christmas Holiday's on of the DJ's made the comment that too many people focus on WHAT they can do in the New Year, and not WHO they should be in the New Year.  It is true isn't it?  We want to go to the gym to drop pounds, but what about learning to be patient with our youngest son that presses all our buttons? I realized that I personally have been putting way to much focus on the WHAT and not the WHO.  So, my last resolution is to be more understanding, and patient with my boys. I am working on being a better me!

I challenge you to make a resolution that you can keep this year, one that won't stress you out, and that you can keep longer than a month.

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